How to Pair Fashion Bracelets with Other Jewelry

How many accessories can you wear at a time before it gets too much? There’s no hard and fast rule to wearing fashion bracelets online. It all depends on your personal style. But if you don’t want to stand out too much, you can check out this guide for the best styling tips!

Style tips for pairing your twisted bracelets with other accessories

  • Consider the occasion.

Every type of occasion calls for a different accessory, depending on how formal it is. If you’re attending a black-tie wedding, avoid loud jewelry. Go for more elegant pieces instead, such as a twisted bracelet or a pair of small hoop earrings.

Meanwhile, if you’re going on a first date, you can accessorize to your heart’s content to express your personality. For example, large twisted hoop earrings or cable coin bracelets are perfect statement pieces for your date night look.

  • Get to know your metals.

Is it a good idea to mix a gold bracelet with a silver necklace and vice versa? Overall, it depends on how daring you want your outfit to be. But generally, mixing different metals is not an issue—you only have to choose the right pieces.

For instance, if you’re attending a formal event, avoid wearing a silver necklace with a large pendant with heavy gold bracelets. In addition, consider repeating each metal color at least once to make your outfit look more cohesive.

  • Wear the right colors.

Do you want your favorite gold twisted bracelet to be the statement piece of your outfit? You can pick clothes based on the accessory, giving your whole fit a more consistent feel.

For instance, gold jewelry tends to stand out more against black, red, and white. You can also pair gold with gold or try a more daring look with purple or emerald green.

Ready to elevate your closet? Buy your fashion bracelets online from a trusted jeweler offering a wide range of accessories and high-quality pieces!