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Women’s Gold Coin Necklace that Never Goes Out of Fashion

Women’s Gold Coin Necklace that Never Goes Out of Fashion

Love lock necklaces, gold coins, and rings have been symbolic of love and affection for couples throughout many centuries. But why is the women’s gold coin necklace still famous after all these years?

Here’s why you should own a women’s gold coin necklace:

  • They’re versatile

There’s no limit to what you can do with a gold coin necklace. These accessories elevate almost any outfit, from your everyday looks to more formal getups.

One popular style is to wear a love lock necklace with a casual knit sweater, a perfect fit for the cold season. You can also pair your gold coin necklace with other jewelry, such as hoop earrings, skinny gold rings, and link bracelets.

  • They hold significance

What does the gold coin necklace symbolize? If you answered money, you’re not wrong, but its meaning goes way deeper than that.

In the past, coin necklaces were worn to symbolize luck and good fortune. This meaning has evolved over time, and they are now considered love tokens to be given to wives, mothers, sisters, and all the women in your life.

Meanwhile, love lock necklaces represent the cooperation between two loves, symbolizing their ability to open their hearts to one another.

  • They’re trendy

Who would have thought that wearing a coin around your neck is fashionable? But then again, fashion is unpredictable, and even the most unassuming of objects—such as coins and padlocks—can make waves in magazines and look books.

The recent rise in popularity of gold coin necklaces can be due to celebrities like Holly Willoughby and Kanye West. These public figures were seen wearing coin-inspired jewelry, and soon enough, the trend took over the world.

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